Association of Colleges - key factors contributing to high quality STEM FE provision

The Association of Colleges was keen to analyse the landscape of STEM provision in FE, and to identify the key factors influencing colleges' ability to provide high quality STEM provision and to move learners through from Level 3 to Level 4 and beyond.

Unilever global road safety guidance improvements

We have been very pleased to work with Unilever to support them with their continuous review and improvement of their global road safety guidance and supporting materials.

Evaluation of Ride Free 2014

The Bedfordshire Safer Roads Partnership runs an annual event for motorcyclists and those interested in motorcycling called Ride Free.  Driving Research Ltd was commissioned to evaluate the 2014 event and provide recommendations for developing the event for maximum future impact.

Next Gen Skills Academy

Driving Research Ltd took part in the preparatory stages of the development of the Next Gen Skills Academy, led by Amersham and Wycombe College.  The project aims to provide more appropriate routes for learners to enter the VFX, Animation and Games industries.  We are now developing the research programme to evaluate and feed into the development process over the first three years of the project.

The Peter Jones Foundation

Driving Research Ltd. developed a bespoke assessment  for the Peter Jones Foundation to measure entrepreneurship in young adults.

StarTraq LIVE - offender e-learning

Content development for e-learning courses targeting attitudinal and behavioural elements of seatbelt and red-light offending.  The seatbelt course has recently been accredited by NDORS.

DfT Enhanced Rider Scheme evaluation

The Department for Transport commissioned a project to improve the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) for motorcyclists, and put together a pan-regional project team incorporating three sets of local authorities and representatives from the DSA to address the ERS from different angles.  Driving Research Ltd. worked with Bedford Borough Council on evaluating trainers' and trainees' perceptions of the scheme, and the extent to which trainers are agreeable to incorporating attitudinal and behavioural assessment and training.  The research culminated in recommendations for steps to guide the ERS into line with current progress in road user education. 

Northamptonshire County Council Rightracks

Rightracks (Apr 08 - Mar 10) was a road safety scheme operating within a rural zone of south Northamptonshire, using education, engineering and enforcement measures to reduce speeds and improve safety within the target area. Driving Research Ltd provided a comprehensive evaluation of the Rightracks scheme, particularly focusing on the effects of the interventions on speed and traffic density, and public perception of the costs and benefits associated with the project.

Motorcycle Training Matters

Motorcycle Training Matters (Apr 08 - Mar 10) was a Bedfordshire Casualty Reduction Partnership initiative to promote motorcycle safety in the county. A key feature to emerge was the "training continuum", involving pre-CBT training (1st Ride), Post-CBT training, and assessed rides (RideSafe) for existing motorcyclists. Driving Research Ltd carried out the evaluation of each element of the programme and provided an integrated report with recommendations for the future.


DriverMetrics is an online facility providing psychometric assessments for various driver groups, including fleet, bus, emergency service, tram and truck drivers, within the UK and around the world. DriverMetrics is wholly owned by Cranfield University, and Driving Research Ltd works closely with them to develop, refine and maintain the assessments, and provide corresponding training in the management of human factors in driving.

Suffolk County Council Grand Driver Scheme

Suffolk County Council Grand Driver Scheme (Sept 07 - Apr 09). This scheme was created to assess older drivers on their ability in terms of physical and behavioural elements of driving. In the event that issues with their ability were detected they were referred for training with an ADI. Dr Gandolfi developed the Older Driver Risk Index and advised on assessment strategy and development of information seminars, and analysed collision data relating to older drivers in Suffolk thereby establishing crash trends.

Northamptonshire County Council 2 Fast 2 Soon

Northamptonshire County Council 2 Fast 2 Soon (Oct 07 - Jun 08). Dr Gandolfi worked with the Council to evaluate the effect of the intervention. Questions were asked before and after the intervention to see if the view of participants changed. Sub-group differences were analysed to establish the extent to which it affected different participants in different ways.